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This stuff is great! My beard has gotten way more tame thanks to this great beard oil. Not to mention the smell is perfect. Smells manly, but won't linger in your face all day. 


My husband uses this almost daily and he loves it. It really helps with keeping the skin underneath his beard from getting dry and flaky. I think his beard looks so much better now.

Kenia Gonzalez

This stuff is the real deal Holyfield. It's cheaper than most other oils but smells great, goes a long way, and makes your beard softer.


spartans Den Premium Beard oil softened my beard after the first use. 


Love Spartans Den! Smells excellent, feels excellent! Have tried many but the Den has soared to the top of my favorites!

Carl Sanders

I use it in my 8 inch long mustache and I ask everyone to smell my mustache. They love it.(Those that agree to smell it.) LOL

David E. Grindle

Always felt my beard looked kinda dry and was hard to maintain so I decided to give Spartan Beard Balm a try..and I'm thrilled! Beard now looks healthier..smells great..and is easier to manage


The balm isn't oily and works in very well without leaving any residue. Keeps my beard feeling soft all day. Pleasant aroma also.


Bought the shampoo the conditioner and this. Best beard care i have tried. Im serious my beard is soft and smells great. I love spartens den and these guys just keep it coming. Thanks